Baby Moves Physical Therapy offers comprehensive, early intervention physical therapy for infants, using gentle and effective techniques to promote healthy development

Dr. Amy Newkold with her children
Meet the PT

From Personal Challenge to Professional Mission: Transforming Infant Care

Hi there! My name is Dr. Amy Newkold, a pediatric physical therapist. I have 8 years of experience working in a variety of pediatric settings. I am a mom of two sweet boys who are my inspiration and motivation for what I do every day with my clients.

Baby Moves Physical Therapy was sparked by my own experience with my first son, who was born with a tongue and lip tie. I realized the gap in care that existed and the need to treat infants with a whole-body approach, particularly those with oral ties.

I have a passion for working with families of infants to help them reach those important first motor milestones, including feeding, rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, and beyond. Using a combination of skilled, hands-on treatment strategies and parent coaching, we will formulate a plan to get your little one moving in the right direction.

I do not believe in a ‘wait and see’ approach to development.  Early identification and treatment are the keys to success as your baby’s brain connections and body grow rapidly during infancy. A referral is not needed to get started with my services.

My space is located within the Be Well Collective, a community of holistic and wellness service providers.  I am available through text and phone support even outside of your appointment times. I would love to be on your team.

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8 + Years Experience
200 + Happy Families

How I Can Help Your Developing Family

Pediatric Physical Therapy: Help your child achieve developmental milestones and address concerns like tension, plagiocephaly, and torticollis.
Tongue & Lip Tie Therapy: Ensure breast & bottle feeding success through bodywork, oral motor therapy, and developmental exercises. Therapy is recommended as a part of pre & post frenectomy (tongue/ lip tie release) care.
Baby Play Classes: Bond with your baby, learn valuable purposeful play techniques, and support their development in a fun and supportive environment.

It’s just a conversation to see if we are a good fit!