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Pediatric Physical Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

Baby Moves Physical Therapy treats babies from newborns through the first year and beyond to achieve important motor milestones including tummy time, rolling, sitting, crawling, & walking. We use a hands-on, full body approach to address any concerns along a baby’s developmental path. We give parents the support, education, and tools to feel empowered in helping their baby thrive.

As a pediatric physical therapist specialized in infant development, Dr. Amy Newkold can help your baby reach their developmental milestones. We can avoid helmet-wearing, decrease pain and frustration, and help your baby move better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to bring my baby to physical therapy, and for how long?

This is highly individualized depending on your baby and family’s needs, but we will have a good idea of the frequency and duration of the treatment plan after your initial visit. The most common timeframe is once per week or every other week, totaling anywhere from 2-8 visits.

Will you give me exercises to work on at home with my baby?

Yes, I will make sure you understand the exercises you should do at home to help expedite your baby’s progress. Follow-through at home is very important for successful outcomes.

Can you help my baby enjoy tummy time?

There is always a reason why a baby hates tummy time, and my job is to find that out. Once we know the reason, we can work to solve it.

Can you help my baby feel less tight or ‘tense’?

I utilize a variety of manual therapy or ‘bodywork’ techniques as well as strategic positioning and active movement to help babies relax and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

How can you help my baby with a flat head avoid a helmet?

Initiating PT before 4 months of age will yield the best chances of avoiding a helmet. The earlier we begin, the quicker and easier it will be able to resolve any head flattening through conservative measures.

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