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Tongue and lip ties are a leading cause of breastfeeding difficulties. We are here to help dig deeper and figure out a plan to reach your feeding goals. Whether you are seeking therapy or bodywork before a tongue tie surgery, have already had the tongue tie released and still need help, or would like to try to conservatively manage the tongue tie before considering surgical release, we are here to help you navigate that.

Dr. Amy Newkold of Baby Moves Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping infants with tongue and lip ties. She has taken many continuing education courses, pursued mentorship in the infant feeding field, and expanded her manual therapy skills to cater to infants who need bodywork.

Led into this niche of pediatric physical therapy through her own personal experience with her own tongue-tied baby, Dr. Amy empathizes with your struggles and will keep your feeding goals at the forefront when treating your baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tongue or lip tie?

Tongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition where the lingual frenulum (the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth) is too short, too thick, or too tight, causing limited movement of the tongue. This can affect a baby’s ability to breastfeed effectively, as the tongue is unable to move properly to create a proper latch to extract milk. A lip tie is when the frenulum between the upper lip and the gum limits the range of motion of the lip, which can also cause breastfeeding issues.

What are the symptoms of a tongue or lip tie?

For the baby, symptoms can include difficulty maintaining a latch, chomping on the nipple, milk spilling out of the sides of the mouth, a clicking noise while nursing, long sleepy feeds, & gassiness/colic.

For the breastfeeding mom, possible symptoms include damaged nipples, pain with nursing, milk supply issues, clogged ducts, mastitis & feeling like you’re feeding non-stop.

How can PT help me reach my breastfeeding or bottle-feeding goals?

Highly specialized infant physical therapists can help you solve infant feeding issues from a full body approach. Breastfeeding is considered a first ‘motor milestone,’ which is why a tongue-tie savvy physical therapist can really help you solve your breastfeeding issues.

Many babies with tongue and lip ties have tension throughout their body. An infant physical therapist can help release this tension, while also ensuring the progression of developmentally appropriate skills for your baby. This progression of development and screening for other conditions is often a missing component of other bodywork approaches.

An infant physical therapist will also treat any co-existing body asymmetry, tension or tightness, torticollis or head turn preference, plagiocephaly, digestive discomfort, and breathing dysfunction.

We will also work on your baby’s oral motor skills, retraining the musculature of the mouth and tongue which is imperative to achieving an efficient latch.

Should my baby get therapy before and after a tongue tie release?

In short, yes.

We want to optimize the existing function of the tongue and minimize any body tension in preparation for the release procedure. We will make sure your baby is familiar and comfortable with the post-release exercises for an easier recovery for you and baby. We will also assess for and treat any co-existing conditions.

Post-release, we need to teach the tongue how to use its new range of motion and ultimately reach your feeding goals.

All of this will include continual guidance, education, and support for you as a parent.

Will my baby cry and be upset during therapy?

I always keep in mind the comfort of the babies (and parents) that come through my door. I have a tear-free policy, meaning that I will do my best to keep your baby happy and calm. Physical therapy should not make babies upset, and typically babies are more comfortable and relaxed by the time the session is over.

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